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Control costs, gain efficiencies and maintain control over your practice

Founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs, finance experts, and healthcare management professionals with a proven record of performance, Sunbelt Medical Management (SMM) focuses on one of the most challenging issues physicians face – getting paid. 

In the last 10-20 years, regulations and rules have turned practices upside down, focusing on checking boxes instead of providing care that patients need and deserve. For small practices that means more hours spent away from family at times when physician satisfaction is at its lowest point in decades while larger practices see their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) expenses rising with no end in sight. 

SMM was created in the belief that there had to be a better way. SMM’s proprietary technology combined with decades of experience and wisdom is a game changer. We also operate our own practices and understand the unique challenges that you face every day. Whether you do everything in-house, or outsource your billing, SMM can provide the tools, resources, and expertise to reduce stress, reduce cost, and most importantly capture every dollar that you already earned.


Highly advanced, proprietary technology and services for Revenue Cycle Management

Sunbelt Medical Management (SMM) has created a proprietary tool for Revenue Cycle Management – Solana RCM. Providing cutting edge Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services for practices of all sizes and specialties,  our clients see consistent  increases in revenue to the bottom line and a reduction of RCM costs – efficiencies that that go directly to the bottom line.

At SMM, Solana RCM offers the tools and expertise to go beyond billing and collections to provide a robust solution including:

Claims Submission

After the charges are entered and coded correctly claims are sent through automated clearing houses to ensure prompt payment. Our automated claims reduce time and expense while getting you paid faster.

Claims Management

Once a claim is submitted, it is either paid or not paid. We aggressively manage unpaid claims, large or small, to ensure you get paid quickly and accurately.

Financial Reporting

At SMM, we not only believe in transparency, but go the extra mile to prove our performance. Our monthly financial package will show you exactly how we are performing, while also giving you critical information to run your practice effectively and efficiently. We are also here if you have questions or concerns during the month.

Coding Education

Sometimes the biggest bang for the buck is at the start of the process. When was the last time you reviewed your coding practices against the ever-changing regulatory landscape? Are you up to speed with all the changes? Are you worried about coding compliance? Are you getting paid for everything you do?

Going beyond transactional services, SMM provides you with the ongoing education and experience to maximize revenue and reduce exposure.


Credentialing and re-credentialing can be extremely time consuming and confusing. Every payor has its own processes and timelines, and if you miss a deadline… you could be providing services for free. Let SMM’s experienced team takeover, and allow you to focus on your patients and not bureaucracy.

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Sunbelt Healthcare aims to support the ever-evolving  medical ecosphere with innovative services and solutions – from back office support to front line patient care.

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