Founded in 2014, Sunbelt Healthcare has over 100 employees and is comprised of four entities: Sunbelt Occupational Health, DBA 10-4 Medical; Escalera Health; Sol Physical Therapy, and Sunbelt Medical Management. Sunbelt Healthcare focuses on healthcare holistically: a healthy, well managed medical practice can provide optimal patient care. As Sunbelt Healthcare grows, we continue to narrow the gap between the needs of a medical practice and the needs of the patient.

When the right people come together to achieve a common goal, the results can be remarkable. This rare combination of experience, passion and expertise is what you will find in the Sunbelt Healthcare Leadership Team. Together, they bring expertise from multiple industries to provide a high level of service and results.


Business leader and entrepreneur, Yoram established his career in land development with several notable companies. He now brings his unique knowledge and experience to healthcare management.



Bringing over 17 years of finance and healthcare management experience, Ed has successfully managed revenue cycles provided practice support through statistical analysis, and has been instrumental in setting up new medical practices in Tucson.


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Sunbelt Healthcare aims to support the ever-evolving  medical ecosphere with innovative services and solutions – from back office support to front line patient care.

We are here to listen and provide tailored solutions.